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Top Recommended Annuals for Landscapes

It’s time to think about spicing up the landscape with Proven Winners annuals. From a groundbreaking Calibrachoa for in-ground plantings to a rainbow of Supertunias, you'll find something to suit every garden style. Here are our top ten recommended annuals for landscapes.


So why did Supertunia® Vista have such an impact?  First, it didn’t need to be deadheaded.  The plant will bloom prolifically all summer long without picking off a single spent flower.  Second, the vigor of the plant is outstanding.  Three plants in a 20-inch containers grow like crazy, cascading onto the concrete around the planters and then will kept on going.  In the landscape - a single plant in several different spots will bloomed all summer, no deadheading, no supplemental water, just a good addition of compost prior to planting. One single plant spreads 3 feet by 5 feet and 18 inches tall, and makes a beautiful display in the garden.

Landscape Companions:  Meteor Shower® Verbena bonariensis, RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Going Bananas’ Hemerocallis, ‘Miss Ruby’ Buddleia

Señorita Blanca® and  Señorita Mi Amor® Cleome

Gardeners have grown to love the Proven Winners line of cleomes because they are thornless, seedless, odorless, and not sticky. Señorita Blanca® produces showy, pure white blooms while Señorita Mi Amor® profusely bears soft blush pink flowers from spring to frost. They are superb plants for the landscape where their vigorous growth and heat, humidity, and drought tolerance make them shining stars.

Landscape Companions: GRACEFUL GRASSES® ‘Sky Rocket’ Pennisetum, SUPERTUNIA® Bordeaux Petunia, OSO HAPPY® Smoothie Rosa

Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime Ipomoea

With more sunfast coloring than some older sweet potato vines, this selection keeps its lime green color all season without bleaching out. It’s also a bit less rambunctious than some, making it easier to pair with other plants. Use it as an annual groundcover in landscapes where it has proven to be extremely heat and humidity tolerant.

Landscape Companions: SUPERBELLS® Garden Rose Calibrachoa, RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Primal Scream’ Hemerocallis, Senorita Blanca® Cleome

LUSCIOUS® Pinkberry Blend Lantana camara

This impressively vigorous, landscape-sized Lantana forms a mounding then trailing mass of dark green foliage dotted with pretty pink and light yellow bicolor blooms all season with minimal seed set. Grow it as a drought tolerant groundcover or in large containers paired with other very vigorous plants.

Landscape Companions: Senorita Mi Amor® Cleome, PRAIRIE WINDS® ‘Apache Rose’ Panicum, INFINITINI® Brite Pink Lagerstroemia

INTENSIA® White Phlox

An improved habit, increased vigor, and great disease resistance are the standout features of the newest member of the award winning Intensia® series. Phlox are terrific planted en masse in the landscape because of their extended bloom time from late spring through fall and broadly mounding habit. Two keys to success: well-drained soil and planting in mid-spring once temperatures have warmed up.

Landscape Companions: SUPERTUNIA® Royal Velvet Petunia, ‘Cat’s Meow’ Nepeta, Orchid Satin® Hibiscus syriacus

SUPERTUNIA® Honey Petunia

Supertunia® Honey features an incredible ever-changing array of yellow, orange, salmon, and pink blossoms on mounding, well-branched plants. Its vigor and disease resistance match that of other Supertunias and it exhibits good heat and cold tolerance too. This is an incredibly versatile plant, blooming from spring to frost without deadheading in landscapes, hanging baskets and combination containers.

Landscape Companions: Sweet Caroline Raven Ipomoea, RAINBOW RHYTHM® ‘Ruby Spider’ Hemerocallis, OSO EASY® Paprika Rosa

Lemon Coral Sedum mexicanum

A tough-as-nails groundcover for landscapes and spiller for containers, this beautifully textured succulent is vigorous and drought tolerant. Its lime green to chartreuse foliage pairs well with other vigorous sun loving plants and remains attractive all season long. Lemon Coral is a breeze to grow in full sun and very well-drained soil.

Landscape Companions: Blue My Mind® Evolvulus, COLOR SPIRES® ‘Violet Riot’ Salvia, SUNJOY® Tangelo Berberis

Meteor Shower® Verbena bonariensis

An updated look for the species, Meteor Shower® has a denser, more vigorous growth habit which equates to more manageable and attractive plants. Use it as a flowering thriller in finished containers or as a vertical element in landscape beds. Since the plants set little seed, it won’t become invasive like most Verbenas of this type. Heat and drought tolerance as well as deer resistance sweeten its appeal.

Landscape Companions: SUPERTUNIA® Royal Magenta Petunia, ‘Tuscan Sun’ Heliopsis, Spilled Wine® Weigela

 For help calculating the number of annuals you need for your flower bed, try this annual calculator.

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