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Customer – Grower Agreements and Patented Plants List

This list represents plant varieties sold by Proven Winners North America that are patented, PPAF, PBR granted, or PBRAF. Propagation is prohibited for the varieties on this list.

Most, but not all, of the plant varieties on this list are exclusive to Proven Winners North America. To obtain a list of exclusive plant varieties, please contact Kerry Meyer at


  1. The U.S. Customer – Grower Agreement.
  2. Exhibit A – French version for Canada (goes with #3).
  3. The French Customer – Grower Agreement for Canada.
  4. Exhibit A – English version (goes with #1 and #5 – works with both the English U.S. and Canadian Agreements).
  5. The Canadian Customer – Grower Agreement.
Showing 1,151 - 1,200 of 1,261.
Showing 1,151 - 1,200 of 1,261.
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