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Reaching out daily from all directions

Every single day – and we meant that quite literally – Proven Winners works to reach out to our customers, consumers, and new audiences through a broad array of efforts.  Through we've embarking on these efforts for over twenty years, our methods have changed radically to meet their modern needs.  Here's a snapshot of how we work to reach people every day.


















Magazine Advertising While some of our advertising budget has shifted online, we continue to reach new gardeners through decorating, food and home magazines in additions to maintaining our brand image with passionate gardeners in powerhouse titles like HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Steward Living.

Radio Advertising- We increased our radio coverage by 62% to include commercials in 58 markets across North America. Our commercials air during drive-time house from mid-April through June. Garden Centers in each local market have the opportunity to be mentioned on-air for FREE if they sell at least 3,500 of our plants in our branded containers.

 Television Advertising- PBS, P. Allen Smith Garden Home, P. Allen Smith Garden Style, HGTV, Discovery Channel, TWC. We continue to maintain a presence on HGTV by airing spots during their most popular shows.  
We have partnered with expert P. Allen Smith who knows and loves Proven Winners.
Billboards- Our first billboards in Chicago, Charlotte, Atlanta, Detroit and New York were such a success, we're adding Minneapolis, Boston, Dallas San Diego, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Kansas City.

POP - We  point of purchase materials that are educational, inspirational and organizational that all have brand recognition in the garden center.

Proven Winners is an amazing resource for ideas, exemplified in our annuals  Gardener's Idea Books600,000+ copies are send out annually by request only. Growers and retailer take note: the plant list for the Gardener's Idea Book is available to you in advance each December, so be sure to book your plant order.  Gardener's Idea co-op program.


Events -
Passionate gardeners eagerly attend our popular events like the Outdoor Living Extravaganza and The Grand Garden Show They are excited to hear from experts like P. Allen Smith, Jamie Durie, Jon Carloftis and Kerry Ann Mendez.  Now we've added a Life + Style gardening series and participated at flower shows in Chicago, Cincinnati, Newport and Philadelphia.


Our website serves millions each year, yet as more and more people turn to their mobile devices to stay connected and keep informed, we will be turning our efforts to meet them there.  E-commerce functionality as well as increased resources for growers, brokers, retailers and gardeners will be included in our investment.

Every month during the peak gardening season1/2 million gardens read our newsletter.

Social Media Facebook, BlogsInstagram YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter

Social media efforts are greatly expanding as we reach more people across a broad array of social platforms.  We are meeting people where they live – in online communities – inspiring them and answering their questions to help build their confidence in the garden.


Proven Beauty
35,000 subscribers read our online magazine, which is published four times per gardening season.



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